As energy prices and the cost of electricity rises so too does the installation of Solar Panels in Melbourne. Consumers – both household and businesses are taking advantage of greener energy that insulates them from rising energy prices.

Choosing Solar Panels

Solar can be a significant outlay for anyone unfortunately though the quality and performance of a Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems can vary considerably.

Do your research.  Selecting a cheaper system may save you a few hundred dollars upfront but the savings a quality solar system will produce over its life-time will be much more, plus less hassle.

Another important reason to use quality, well known components is in case you need repairs or wish to upgrade your system in the future, it can be difficult to mix and match solar panels.

Size of your Solar Power System

The size of the solar power system you install has a huge impact on the amount of money you save. It’s important to choose a system that is large enough to cover your power usage, lessen your payback period and maximise ROI.


A reputable company such as Gres Solar have finance options that in cases the repayments on the solar system will be less than what you usually pay for your electricity bill.

Reputable Company

In order to qualify for Solar Credits rebate, which is actually an up-front discount, your solar power system has to be installed by a CEC accredited solar installer.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Installation companies recommend a twice yearly clean to keep your panels running efficiently.  It just makes sense that a clean Solar Panel can produce better and save more money.  In fact, cleaning your solar panels could save hundreds of dollars a year off your electricity.

Solar power can help you dramatically reduce the running costs of your home or business. To find out how much money you can save with solar power call Gres Solar on 1300 858 366

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