Renewable Energy Melbourne

Solar Panels vs. Wind Turbines: Which One is Ideal for Your Property?

When it comes to renewable energy in Melbourne, we have a variety of options that we can choose as our renewable power source. These renewable energies include Solar Hot Water and Solar Panels, Biomass  (wood, woodwaste and bagasse), hydroelectricity, wind power, bio gas and bio fuels. But out of the many Melbourne renewable power sources […]

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Solar panels for both commercial and households in Melbourne

Gres Solar have solar power experts specialising in all areas of commercial solar PV developments and solar farms. Some of our engineering services include feasibility study, site identification and assessment, solar resource assessment, performance monitoring, data analysis, electrical network design, power factor correction and battery-storage system design. We have an extensive experience in Building Integrated […]

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Victoria's Solar Rebates

Renewable energy technologies for home and business in Melbourne

Melbourne is undergoing an insurgence in the installation and use of renewable energy for generating electricity, heating and cooling. This is driven not only as a result of diminishing fossil-fuel resources such as coal, oil and gas but also switching to renewables makes economic sense. The government incentives, energy utility incentives and steep rise of […]

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