GRES have scalable battery storage systems for utility or all industries, businesses, and applications - large or small.

GRES provides a feasibility assessment to confirm whether battery storage is a viable investment for our clients.
Solax power solar battery storage
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Are you seeking solar battery storage and solar solutions for your business and/or commercial operation? Continue, below, to learn about what we offer here at GRES.

Grid Connected

On-grid solar batteries work by charging up when the sun is up and your solar panels are generating electricity, and discharging their energy at carefully calculated times to cut down demand spikes throughout the day.

This allows commercial businesses and organisations to significantly reduce their monthly energy expenses without affecting day-to-day operations.

On-grid commercial battery systems enable organisations with commercial solar power systems to save more money by helping lower demand charges – a cost you pay based on the highest electrical usage, which often makes up a significant portion of the energy bill (up to 50% or more).

The rapid advance of battery technology resulted to a significant increase in all solar storage battery products, making battery storage for solar power a feasible option for many commercial clients who are looking to benefit from everything that the technology has to offer.

Off Grid Battery Storage

Off-grid commercial solar power systems with battery storage allow commercial organisations to have access to electricity in the absence of power grids, achieve energy independence and cut down on diesel generator costs.

GRES provides off-grid solutions for clinics, retail companies, cottage industries, agriculture businesses, telecoms, offices, and other commercial entities.

An off-grid solar energy system with battery storage offers a range of benefits for remote businesses, particularly those who are located in regional Australia.

One of the major benefits of a complete off-grid solution is lowered energy costs as utility companies normally have exorbitant grid connection charges for consumers who are located in remote areas.

  • Analysis of load profile, electricity tariffs, renewable generation and storage flows.
  • Financial modelling of the benefits of battery storage.
  • Investigation of earnings from spot market trading using software and smart controls, and payments from network companies for capacity benefits.

We can provide technical specifications for procurement of battery projects.

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