Using less energy to achieve the same outcomes is a smart way to reduce the vast amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that electricity is using, which is mainly being produced by using fossil fuels.

Apart from its environmental benefits, energy efficiency also provides economic benefits for individual consumers in the long term, opening up countless opportunities to reduce energy expenses and save more money.
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The Australian Government is constantly trying to push all Australian consumers, from domestic to industrial, to become energy efficient for the sake of our environment.  

In Australia, the government’s energy sector was the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions due to the fact that most of the electricity coming from the national grid is primarily produced by coal-powered plants – which are notorious for their potential to generate vast amounts of greenhouse gases that can harm our planet.

In an attempt to curb the country’s eco-destructive energy consumption problem, the Australian Government crafted cost-effective schemes (loans, incentives, rebates, etc.) that encourages consumers from all walks of life to invest in their own renewable energy systems. So far, the schemes are doing a job at making renewable technologies more affordable and accessible to everyone.
However, despite all the renewable energy systems that many Australians already use, the country still remains as one of the biggest greenhouse gas polluters on the planet.

Through the utilisation of renewable energy resources and the implementation of energy efficiency strategies and smart home solutions, every consumer in the country can significantly cut down their electricity-related emissions and, in the process, make Australia a world leader in energy management.

While this is a tall order, we believe that it is attainable and may even become a reality in the years to come.

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Are you, your business, or company looking to improve their conservation of energy? We are the experts, and would love to help you understand the incredible possibilities with exploring alternative energy solutions.

Energy Efficiency Programs in Australia

In an effort to encourage householders to become energy efficient and use renewable energy sources, the states of South Australia and Victoria offer special energy efficiency incentive programs that are designed to work through electricity retailers in each state. As of writing, here are some of the energy efficiency programs of each state:

Victoria’s Energy Upgrades Program

Accessible by both households and businesses, this Victorian Government program provides consumers with access to discounted energy-efficient products and services as a means to cut down the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and help consumers reduce their power bills.

South Australia’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) Program

This South Australian energy efficiency scheme provides incentives for both households and businesses to save energy via the establishment of audit and energy efficiency targets that gas and electricity retailers must achieve. Energy retailers that are participating in the REES program offer discounted or free energy efficiency activities that both households and businesses may access.

Become Energy Efficient with GRES Solar

GRES Solar has the capacity to deliver on the following:

  • Energy Audit
  • Building Energy Simulation
  • NABERS and NatHERS certification
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Energy Efficient Lights
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • State Government’s Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Power Factor Correction
  • As the level of Grid-Connected PV penetration continues to rise, the importance of power factor and power factor correction is going to become increasingly relevant both from the perspective of the grid and the customer.

Benefits of Power Factor Optimisation:

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Increase your Productivity Compliance with regulatory codes
  • Reduce the likelihood of cables and equipment overheating or failing
  • More power available for increased loads without needing to install new switchboards and larger cables
  • Better quality of electricity supply, with less chance of voltage drops that can cause some equipment to break down or suffer damage
  • Our professional Engineering team can help your business to reduce the cost and improve the system performance. GRES can design, install, commission and maintenance PV integrated battery storage for both residential and commercial sector. We provide feasibility assessments to confirm whether battery storage is a viable investment for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of load profile, electricity tariffs, renewable generation and storage flows
  • Financial modelling of the benefits of battery storage
  • Investigation of earnings from spot market trading using software and smart controls, and payments from network companies for capacity benefits
  • GRES offers the Powerwall battery storage solution for new solar installations and as a retrofit to existing systems
  • GRES combines stunning design with outstanding German quality
  • Product warranty: 5yrs-10yrs
  • Battery warranty: 10Yrs

Take energy conservation techniques to a new level with the incredible solutions we can bring you here at GRES. Our experts are here, waiting to help guide you through the process of energy saving and so much more.

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