The Australian Government provides commercial solar battery system rebates, subsidies and incentives that vary from one state to another.

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About Commercial Solar Battery System Rebates

Unfortunately, there are fewer rebates and incentives for commercial solar batteries and solar battery storage compared to what residential energy storage units have. Despite its limits, you still have access to some solar rebates and incentives.

Here’s a rundown of the government schemes for the installation of a commercial solar battery unit that are available throughout the country.

Queensland – Solar Battery System Rebates

Small businesses in Queensland can apply for grants of $3000 to purchase a battery storage system or to buy a combined solar and battery storage system. Considering the cost of installing a commercial battery storage system, a grant worth $3000 makes it possible for small businesses to own solar batteries that will help them achieve energy independence and increase their annual energy savings.

South Australia – Sustainability Incentives Scheme

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, offers a Sustainability Incentives Scheme that eligible businesses can access. The scheme covers up to 50% of the installation cost of an energy storage system or a maximum of $5000. In order for businesses to be eligible for this awesome incentive, the primary requirement is that the installer should hold a current Clean Energy Council Grid-Connect Accredited Solar Installer from either Stand-Alone Power Systems Accreditation or battery endorsement.

Instant Asset Write-Offs

Businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million per year can take advantage of the Federal Government’s offer of instant asset write-offs, wherein a small business’s purchase of a solar battery unit can be written off in the first year. This instant asset write-off provides a slight financial boost that any thriving organisation would surely find to be useful. However, the issue with this incentive is that it’s not a permanent arrangement and requires Federal Government extensions for it to be in full effect, so it’s best for small businesses to take advantage of it while it’s still here.

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