Residential customers may be eligible for rebates, subsidies and incentives for the installation of home battery storage systems.

These support schemes help householders obtain the benefits of having a battery storage unit, increasing household’s monthly savings as well as reducing greenhouse emissions and achieving energy independence.


Consumer’s Guide

An average 11 kWh battery unit will allow Australians households to enjoy annual savings of around $650 on their electricity bills, so installing batteries to connect with a solar system is indeed a wise decision from a financial standpoint.
Like with the support schemes for solar installation, the rebates and incentives vary from state to state.

Here are the solar battery storage rebates and incentives of Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland:


Under Victoria’s Solar Homes program, homeowners who already have solar panels installed may be eligible to receive rebates of up to half the cost of the installation of a battery storage unit, which is estimated to be at $4838. Homeowners who are eligible for these rebates are those who have a combined household income before tax of less than $180,000, and who are proven to be the owner-occupier of a home valued at under $3 million.

South Australia

The Home Solar Scheme from the state government of South Australia offers subsidies for households to cover the upfront installation costs of solar batteries. This scheme gives standard households $500 per kWh of battery storage and energy concession households $600 per kWh, as much as $6000 per battery. To illustrate, a standard household with an 8kWh battery system would receive a $4000 subsidy from the Home Solar Scheme.


The Queensland Government offers interest-free loans or grants for households who are interested in purchasing a battery storage system. For the purchase of battery systems only, interest-free loans of up to $6000 and grants of $3000 can be availed by a household. For combined solar and battery systems, interest-free loans of up to $10,000 and grants of the same amount as the previous one can be availed. To the delight of Queensland householders, they can apply for both the grant and the interest-free loan.

Enjoy solar energy rebates and incentives today!

If you reside in one of the states listed above and you are looking to install a new solar energy system or upgrade an existing system with storage contact GRES for not only the best storage recommendation but also the best rebate, subsidy, incentive, loan, or grant for your circumstances.

Not only will you get to keep yourself from experiencing downtimes whenever there are power outages, but you will also get to enjoy increased annual savings on your electricity bills.

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