Reduce your monthly electricity expenses and decrease your reliance on grid-generated power by switching to solar energy technology.

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Commercial solar rebates, grants and incentives help an organisation acquire a commercial solar energy system.

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About Solar Rebates, Grants & Funding

GRES can assist your organisation in accessing a variety of incentives and financing. Accessing these rebates, incentives, and grants greatly reduce your solar panel cost and other expenses. For further information on any of the below, contact our friendly commercial solar experts via our online form below.

Feed-in Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs for commercial solar energy systems are no different than the ones for residential systems in that they both enable the owners to earn money for any surplus energy produced. If your solar PV system is creating excess energy, you may be reimbursed for feeding your extra power back into the grid. Find out more here.

NAB Low-interest Loans

Thanks to the agreement between the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the National Australia Bank (NAB), commercial clients interested in switching to renewable energy can apply for low-interest loans to purchase solar energy equipment, with a quick application process and zero upfront deposits. Additionally, the agreement makes it possible for companies to acquire a loan that is 70 basis points lower compared to the NAB’s standard rate for equipment financing. Find out more.

CBA Energy Efficient Loan

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers an energy efficient equipment financing option that helps various types of businesses acquire energy-efficient equipment through funding. For qualified applicants, this loan basically offers up to 100% financing that includes the entire the purchase cost of the equipment, as well as a minimum finance amount of $20,000. However, in order to be qualified for an Energy Efficient Loan, the commercial applicant should meet the energy efficiency criteria established by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). Find out more.

Local Government Finance Program

Another brilliant renewable energy technology financing program from the CEFC is the Local Government Finance Program. This government solar rebate program offers flexible and competitively priced long-term financing solutions for Australian councils with projects that have the potential to make a positive impact to a council’s energy consumption. Eligible projects include building upgrades to improve energy efficiency, solar PV to provide a renewable energy source, and energy from waste projects, among others. Find out more.


Similar to households, companies with an eligible solar system installation are able to produce certificates that can be handed over to a solar provider in exchange for a point-of-sale discount.
Commercial solar systems certificates can be created are either Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), each of which serves the same purpose – to make renewable energy more affordable. However, the key difference between STCs and LGCs is that LGCs are not created upfront and are produced on an on-going basis. As an example a 200kW system can receive up to $25,600 per year in government incentives.

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