Generate non-intermittent renewable energy for your household, company or industry through a solar-wind hybrid renewable energy system.

Charge you batteries with excess energy and earn an income by selling the oversupply to the grid.
a hybrid solar and wind energy system

Hybrid renewable energy systems utilise the power production capabilities of two renewable energy sources, usually solar and wind.

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Consumer’s Guide

Exploring Hybrid Solar System Solutions

On their own, solar and wind power generation systems are each able to effectively generate electricity and supply power for residential, commercial and industrial applications. But when used together, the two energy production methods are able to enhance the overall reliability of the system, which is a common issue with non-hybrid renewable energy systems.

Single renewable energy systems have long been plagued with reliability issues due to the fact that neither the wind nor the sun are at their peak performance throughout the year or day.

In Australia, there are times when the sun shines brightly for long periods of time while the wind speeds are quite low. There are also times when the wind is strong while the sun shines less.

This presents a reliability issue for consumers who heavily rely on non-hybrid stand-alone systems as there are unavoidable times when neither the solar or wind power generation system are capable of producing electricity.

Hybrid renewable energy systems eliminate the reliability issue by combining the two power production technologies of solar and wind in a single system, resulting to a more dependable form of power production that is able to generate electricity regardless of seasonal changes or if it’s daytime/night-time.

Typical Hybrid System

A hybrid system is composed of a wind turbine, solar panels, controller, hybrid solar inverter, battery bank, tower and other accessories required for a complete system.

Due to its impressive ability to deliver a more balanced and reliable electricity supply, a solar-wind hybrid system is usually used for stand-alone applications at remote locations.

On these applications, batteries and/or diesel or petrol generators are utilised as a backup when neither the wind turbine nor solar panels are able to generate power. The engine generator, which requires modern controllers to run smoothly, can also recharge the batteries when needed.

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