Unlike other forms of renewable energy, biogas neither has any geographical limitations and required technology for producing green renewable energy.

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Aside from conventional solar-wind hybrid systems, there also exists a biogas-solar hybrid power generation system that utilises both solar and biogas energy to generate and supply electricity.

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Consumer’s Guide

What is Biogas?

Biogas is also a green energy source that is a mixture of various gases produced from the decomposition of organic waste.

Some examples of raw materials that can produce biogas in the absence of oxygen are food scraps, animal manure, plant material, industrial residue and food waste, among others.

A biogas-solar hybrid power generation system may consist of several essential components that include a synchronous generator, an asynchronous generator, a battery charger, a DC control unit, an inverter, a rectifier, voltage regulators, and batteries.

This hybrid system works by converting solar energy into electrical energy via solar cells and converting biogas fuel into electrical energy with the help of a biogas generator.

A rectifier then converts the AC current to DC power, which is then regulated by a voltage regulator and stored in the DC control unit.

The DC output may either be used immediately or stored in the battery bank for later consumption. An inverter can also be used to obtain AC output.

Designing and installing a biogas-solar hybrid system comes with many advantages.

  • Reliable power supply
  • efficient use of renewable sources
  • environmentally friendly
  • and cost-effective

Other than biogas-solar hybrids, there also exist other hybrid renewable energy systems that utilise biogas as an energy resource, such as solar-wind-biogas power generation systems and biogas-wind power generation systems.

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