Harnessing the power of wave and tidal resources is a great way to provide clean and green energy for a broad range of applications, including residential, commercial and utility projects.


Consumer’s Guide

What is Marine Energy?

Marine energy is also sometimes referred to as ocean power or ocean energy and refers to all forms of renewable energy derived from the sea.

Described best as the energy carried by ocean temperature differences, ocean waves, tidal streams and ranges, and salinity gradients, the term marine energy covers both wave power and tidal power.

Wave power or wind energy is the kinetic energy carried by waves, whose size will depend on the speed and duration of the wind as well as the distance of water over which it blows.

Wave energy devices are capable of utilising the kinetic energy from waves and turning it into usable electricity, and they are normally placed either offshore or near-shore.

Tidal power, on the other hand, is the kinetic energy of the currents that flow in and out of the oceans’ tidal areas. Since the relative positions of tidal streams can be accurately predicted with the help of the moon and sun’s movement patterns, tidal power is considered a valuable and reliable energy resource that is relatively easy to harness.

Tidal stream technologies are used to capture the kinetic energy from the tidal streams.

A more efficient way to generate and supply energy is through a hybrid system that utilises marine energy along with other renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and biogas.

A hybrid power generation system consisting of several renewable energies, including marine energy, offers the following advantages:

  • Greater balance in power supply
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Improved system reliability

Since Australia is a country that boasts plenty of sunlight, wind, raw materials and ocean waters, a hybrid system that utilises two or more renewable energy sources will be a sound investment for your energy supply needs.

If you, too, want to harness the full potential of marine energy and other renewable energy sources, contact GRES today so we can provide the best hybrid system solution for your requirements.

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