Renewable energy is reliable, affordable, and beneficial for our health, our economy, and our environment.

Some rural areas in Australia have no nearby electricity grids or establishing a connection to the grid is a possibility through the out of pocket expense of installing utility poles. To be on the grid in these cases tends to be more expensive and a less beneficial solution to getting an off-grid power system.

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Rural off-grid power systems can either be stand-alone power systems or mini-grids.

What is a Mini-Grid

A mini-grid (also called an isolated grid or a micro-grid) is an off-grid system consisting of a set of electricity generators and energy storage systems that are interconnected to a distribution grid which supplies electricity to a limited number of premises.

Due to the practical design and function of a mini-grid which enables it to serve multiple premises (as opposed to a stand-alone system’s ability to serve only individual customers or handle small productive applications), it is considered the ideal off-grid solution for small communities located in rural sites, especially if the goal is to serve more than one property.

In fact, a typical mini-grid can supply electricity (with power at or above grid quality level) to concentrated settlements that include residential, agricultural and commercial customers.

To generate electricity, a mini-grid can utilise one or multiple renewable energy sources – solar, wind, biomass, and hydro. If the reliability of the system is a concern, it’s recommended to design a mini-grid in a way that it utilises several renewable energies instead of one. And in case of an emergency, a mini-grid should be paired with a back-up system (batteries, diesel or petrol generators) to ensure that consumers experience zero downtime with their electricity usage.

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GRES offers innovative off-grid solutions that include the provision of 24/7 electricity to consumers who are situated in rural sites.

Whether it’s a hybrid or non-hybrid system, our significant experience in the industry allows us to cater to all of our clients’ renewable energy production needs.

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