Global Renewable Energy Solutions (GRES)

We believe that we can not only mitigate the adverse effect of climate change but also restore our climate if we work together globally as a team.

Keeping this vision in mind, Global Renewable Energy Solutions (GRES) Pty Ltd was established in 2016. We provide engineering services in major areas of renewable energy technologies as well as energy efficiency including Solar PV and battery storage, grid-connected/off-grid solar PV systems.

Our focus is in remote and regional communities to provide them with renewable energy solutions based on standalone and marginally connected microgrid systems.

Our proprietary software enables us to monitor real time plant performance and take corrective actions if required.

We believe in better tomorrow.

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Current Research and Development Project

Let Us Be Your #1 Choice for Renewable Energy in Australia

As an installer of many MWs grid-connected/off-grid solar PV systems. in particular, food and agribusinesses in remote and regional places, Global Renewable Energy Solutions (GRES) Pty Ltd believe we can help farmers by providing cheaper and more reliable electricity.

Food and agribusinesses that undertake food or beverage production has two major, sustainable energy challenges

  • high electricity bills and
  • unreliable electricity supply


  • Understand agribusinesses energy demand and supply
  • Grid-connected/off-grid solar PV systems modelling, simulation and performance analysis
  • Perform scenario analysis to identify opportunities for them

Desired Outcome

Provide agribusinesses unique solutions that reduce cost and improve reliability.

It is anticipated that the project team will:

  • Develop a dynamic simulation system using TRNSYS (i.e. a Transient System Simulation Program) for the grid-connected PV system with integrated energy storage, which will be validated using actual customer usage data
  • Carry out performance optimisation using the field measurements and simulated data
  • Perform performance analysis for different types of agribusinesses as well as different climate regions of Australia; and
  • Test the performance, reliability of the grid-connected solar panels and energy storage on the basis of the simulation system developed

The research team at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre University of Wollongong (UOW), have a strong track record in energy modelling, performance evaluation and optimisation of renewable energy resources / systems, energy storage and demand side management.

We would like to acknowledge the Commonwealth Grant Agreement between the Commonwealth represented by Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and GLOBAL RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD and the Australian people for this opportunity. Contract Number ICG001012

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