Reduce your energy costs

Any organisation can benefit from commercial solar power.

You can even sell your excess electricity to the grid or you can use battery storage to store electricity to use when sunlight is not available reducing your electricity bill sharply.

  • We have solar power experts specialising in all areas of commercial solar PV developments and solar farms.
  • Some of our engineering services include feasibility study, site identification and assessment, solar resource assessment, performance monitoring, data analysis, electrical network design and battery-storage system design.
  • We have extensive experience in building and design of integrated Solar PV (BIPV) systems.
  • Our installers are fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Unlike domestic consumers who are billed mainly for their kWh (energy) consumption, commercial customers are also required to pay demand charges on a kW (power) basis.

Demand charges make up a significant portion of a commercial customer’s electricity bill and are normally calculated by looking at the greatest amount of power you need during demand spikes throughout a billing cycle.

A well-designed solar power system with battery storage can reduce demand charges by discharging its energy at precisely calculated times (during peak demand spikes), allowing larger consumers to cut down their monthly energy costs.

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Consumer’s Guide

Exploring Solar Energy for Consumers, Commercial Properties, and Businesses

Before deciding to install a solar energy generation system for your business read the few general tips to help you make the best possible decision:

Energy Audit

Do not guess your businesses power consumption patterns. Get qualified advice from engineers who will use your Meter Data to model Solar PV viability and put together the best possible solar PV solution for your business.

GRES offer a free energy audit and consultation.

Clean Energy Council Accredited

With so many Solar providers to choose from make sure you choose a solar panel provider that is “Clean Energy Council Accredited”. This is a qualification that the person installing needs in order for the government to pay out its rebates.

GRES residential solar panel systems are designed and installed by CEC accredited solar electricians.

Research Brands and Prices

There is some very cheap solar panel offers in the market, but these cheaper deals can hide poor quality equipment that is made to appear like quality products.

An inverter is the heart of your solar system so choose a quality Inverter solution to go with quality panels. GRES supply a full range of high-quality premium solar panels and inverters backed with warranties.

Solar System Panel Mounting

Does your roof have shade or partial shade? Solar energy panels are normally installed on roofs so if your roof is shaded at certain times of the day or is partially shaded most of the time, then the amount of electricity your system is able to generate will be lesser compared to a system with continuous sunlight.

Also, check whether your roof is in good condition or not before a solar installation as a typical solar installation lasts for up to 20 – 30 years. If your roof is in poor condition, consider updating it so you can avoid paying for additional costs coming from the removal and reinstallation of the system. GRES engineering services include site identification and assessment.

Know Your Finances

A typical solar proposal includes several financing options for the customer to choose from. Loans, PPAs, leases and cash advances are among the most popular financing options for businesses.

For PPAs or leases, an outline of monthly costs should be included in the proposal. For loans or cash advances, information regarding payback periods should be included in the proposal.

Complete warranties

The proposal should be complete with the following warranties: a workmanship warranty (minimum of 10 years) and a manufacturer warranty (minimum of 25 years).

More Detailed Information

Detailed information such as relevant incentives should be a part of the proposal. Aside from that, the installer should also be able to provide other relevant information like total costs and turnaround times.

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