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When talking about effective solar energy management for Australian businesses, energy storage “arbitrage “plays a vital role in making the most out of a solar energy system.
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Energy arbitrage is the practice of purchasing and storing electricity during off-peak times, and then utilizing that stored power during periods when electricity prices are the highest.

Consumer’s Guide

Exploring Solar Battery Storage Systems

A modern energy storage system, with the help of predictive analytics, helps a business cut down its energy costs by discharging stored electricity at times when highest electrical demands are expected or certain times of the day when electricity rates are higher, or when a business’s energy demand exceeds PV production.

These peak demand spikes are among the main factors that determine the final outcome of a company’s electricity bill.

In fact, demands charges make up a significant portion of a commercial customer’s total electricity costs.

Commercial energy solutions are not only able to shave off or cut down demand charges, coupled with a commercial energy storage system a business can store excess energy for later use.

It is, however, crucial that a battery system’s design is to perform at its maximum efficiency in order to provide the best returns.

If you are a business owner who wants to make the most out a new or existing solar energy system GRES will provide you with a feasibility assessment to confirm whether battery storage is a viable investment for your business.

Expert GRES Services

What can you expect from GRES and our services?

  • Analysis of load profile, electricity tariffs, renewable generation and storage flows
  • Financial modelling of the benefits of battery storage
  • Investigation of earnings from spot market trading using software and smart controls, and payments from network companies for capacity benefits
  • GRES offers the Powerwall battery storage solution for new solar installations and as a retrofit to existing systems
  • GRES combines stunning design with outstanding German quality
  • Product warranty: 5 yrs-10yrs
  • Battery warranty: 10 Yrs

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