GRES provides feasibility assessments to confirm whether battery storage is a viable investment for your home.

Benefits of grid-connected battery storage include:

  • Greater autonomy
  • Reduced reliance on power from the grid
  • Ability to use own power during peak hours
  • Improved power security
battery storage solutions installed by GRES

Consumer’s Guide

Residential Energy Storage Solutions Available for Homes

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Grid Connected

On-grid solar power systems are ones you’ll find most commonly, and grid-tied, grid connect and grid-direct systems refer to the same kind of solar power systems.

These systems connect to your utility company in case your solar system doesn’t produce enough energy. As a result, an on-grid system does not have to produce all the energy you require. If it ends up producing more energy than required, it sends excess electricity to the grid, called a feed-in tariff.

A grid-connected solar system with battery storage generates power in the same way as a typical grid-connected solar system, but instead of exporting the surplus energy to the grid it has the ability to store the surplus energy generated for later use.

When consumers are thinking about which grid-connected home battery storage system to buy, their key objectives are likely to be the following:

  • to reduce their environmental impact
  • to use more self-generated electricity
  • and to save money

Domestic consumers with grid-connected solar batteries are likely to benefit from all three, given that their storage systems meet a certain set of requirements and are installed correctly by the right professionals.

Off Grid Battery System

An off-grid solar power system runs independently of the grid.

An off-grid battery storage system is more common in regional or rural Australia where homes don’t have access to an energy or utility provider.

Some towns in regional Australia go without any power grid serving them. Solar panel systems outfitted with batteries have allowed such towns and homes to enjoy access to electricity for up to 24 hours a day.

If you are looking to have your own domestic off-grid battery system, GRES can help you choose the right one and connect it to your existing PV system (or perform a new installation of the two if you don’t have a solar power system yet).

GRES Services

What’s provided with our solar battery storage systems?

  • Analysis of load profile, electricity tariffs, renewable generation and storage flows.
  • Financial modelling of the benefits of battery storage.
  • Investigation of earnings from spot market trading using software and smart controls, and payments from network companies for capacity benefits.

We’ll keep your sollar batteries costs low through stellar services, the highest quality products, and more. We look forward to working with you as you explore home solar battery systems.

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