Lower your energy consumption and sell excess electricity back to the grid through a grid connected wind power system.

A giant, modern wind turbine creating sustainable energy for all

A grid-interactive wind power system is a renewable energy technology connected to the utility power grid, lowering the residential or commercial energy costs and consumption and giving also the capability to make money by supplying excess electricity back to the grid.

Consumer’s Guide

About Grid Interactive Wind Generator Systems

Grid-interactive wind power system is similar to an on-grid or grid-tied solar power system in that they offer a 24/7 reliability and flexibility that every consumer finds to be convenient.

Grid-interactive wind energy systems offer a range of advantages for consumers.

First and foremost is the flexibility it provides as a consumer with a grid-interactive system can still keep on enjoying access to electricity even when the traditional utility grid goes down.

Another notable advantage of this incredible system is it allows consumers to reduce their monthly energy costs and consumption through a process called net metering.

Alternatively, a grid-interactive system allows you to draw power from the utility grid in case your system suddenly stops generating electricity for some reason.

How does a grid-interactive wind power system work?

Also referred to as grid-tied or utility-intertied systems, grid-tied systems, this wind power for homes or commercial locations use wind turbines to generate DC electricity, which gets converted into usable AC power with the help of a utility-interactive inverter.

When the output of a wind turbine exceeds the demand of a consumer, any excess electricity can be fed back to the utility grid and sold to the local utility company (this is called net metering), or can be stored in batteries to provide backup power in the event of an outage.

GRES offers comprehensive solutions for consumers both residential and commercial who want to install grid-interactive wind power systems on their properties. We’ll help you enjoy the many advantages of wind energy attached to the technology.

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