Take your home or business off the energy grid anywhere in Australia with Stand Alone Wind Power and Off Grid Batteries.

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Consumer’s Guide

About Off Grid Wind Power for Homes & Businesses in NSW

A stand-alone wind generator / power generation system, also referred to as an off-grid wind power system, is a renewable energy system that enables consumers situated in remote locations, specifically households who are not connected to the utility grid, to gain access to ample amounts of electricity that will be enough to supplement their daily energy needs.

  • Consumers who also live near the grid can opt to use a stand-alone wind power system if they wish to achieve energy independence or show a commitment to clean energy sources.
  • For consumers who are located in the remote regional areas of Australia, getting a stand-alone wind power generation system can be a more affordable option then the out of the pocket expense of extending the power line to a local utility company plus the cost of monthly energy bills.
  • Stand-alone renewable energy systems are a one-time investment that pays for itself over time and has no monthly expenses.
    In order for a stand-alone home / commercial wind power system to be successful and generate reliable power, the design requires a combination of technologies and experience.

The design requirements include:

  • charge controllers
  • batteries
  • power conditioning equipment
  • and more

About GRES and Wind Energy Solutions

GRES is a renewable energy engineering and consulting services provider, delivering end to end solutions.

Our multi-disciplinary energy experts have extensive experience in renewable technologies, including such items as wind turbines, off-grid batteries, and more, worldwide.

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