Australia is among the several countries in the planet that boast excellent wind resources by world standards, which means that Australian consumers are guaranteed to receive good financial incentives for installing singular wind turbines or wind farms, given that the location of the renewable energy system’s placement meets the right set of specifications.

As one of the primary renewable energy sources in Australia, wind power accounted for 33.5% of the country’s total renewable energy supply in 2018.
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This outstanding feat was made possible not by singular wind turbines scattered across the properties of residential, commercial and industrial consumers, but rather by wind farms – a collection of wind turbines that are placed in the same location for the purpose of producing huge amounts of electricity.

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Exploring Wind Farms as an Investment Opportunity

There were a total of 94 wind farms in Australia at the end of 2018, and 24 more projects are either underway or committed to be built within 2019.

Most of the existing wind farms in the country had turbines ranging from 1.5 to 3 MW, giving each farm a generating capacity that is good enough to supply electricity for many households and commercial establishments.

In New South Wales and Victoria, there are 14 and 25 wind farms, respectively, that are currently operational. The wind farms in New South Wales have a total capacity of 1,056 MW, while the ones in Victoria have a whopping 1,808 MW. Experts in the wind power industry consider the two states to have very good wind resource potential, but a great deal of this potential still remains untapped.

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