Solar Panels, Solar Farms

Reduce your energy costs

Any organisation can benefit from commercial solar power. You can even sell your excess electricity to the grid or you can use battery storage to store electricity to use when sunlight is not available reducing your electricity bill sharply.
We have solar power experts specialising in all areas of commercial solar PV developments and solar farms. Some of our engineering services include feasibility study, site identification and assessment, solar resource assessment, performance monitoring, data analysis, electrical network design and battery-storage system design. We have an extensive experience in building and design of integrated Solar PV (BIPV) systems. Our installers are fully accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

No Upfront Costs

With our self-financing model, we can install a system for a business that qualifies with no upfront costs. We accordingly structure a repayment plan to insure the savings generated from the businesses electricity bill adequately covers the costs of the PV solar system, thereby ensuring the business will be in positive cashflow from day one.

Why choose us?

  • We have in-house qualified engineers for solar systems design and consulting work.
  • Commercial solar panel systems are installed by CEC accredited solar electricians.
  • Supply full range of high quality premium solar panels and inverters.
  • Free energy audit and consultation
    Solar maintenance services available